As you may know, choosing to get a new tattoo can be a big decision to make, especially since a tattoo will last a lifetime. The style and the design are important things to keep in mind, as well as choosing the best tattoo artist who is capable of working with your preferred tattoo design and style. If you are living in, or visiting Las Vegas this spring, I have tattoo appointments available as soon as February, and continuing into March and April.

Getting a tattoo in Las Vegas can be the best way to commemorate your trip, whether you’re here for business or pleasure. Although my main focus is on designing custom tattoos, I also take walk ins and do smaller tattoo designs as well. I enjoy working in many different styles including portrait tattoos, black and grey tattoos, realistic tattoos, biomechanical tattoos, Asian tattoos, animal portrait tattoos, and skull tattoos among many others.

When it comes to tattoos, price can be a factor. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for the best quality tattoo from an experienced tattoo artist, in the comfort of one of the best tattoo shops Las Vegas has to offer, it may cost you a little more than from a rookie scratcher working from his kitchen. A tattoo is a lifetime investment. I have been doing tattoos professionally for 18 years, and have been tattooing in Las Vegas for nearly 7 years now. One of my main focuses is making sure that your new tattoo will have the best fit and flow properly with the shape of your body, and that your tattoo will stand the test of time and still look good for years to come.

Of all the bad decisions you can make in Las Vegas, don’t let your tattoo be one of them! Take your Las Vegas memory home with you, by getting a new custom tattoo. You can book your tattoo by clicking here, and remember to enjoy your trip to Las Vegas to the fullest!