Most of you know that Biomechanical tattoos are one of my specialties. I love working on custom biomech tattoos in color and in black and grey. Biomech tattoos are not easy to do. It took years of practice and study to get my biomech tattoos to the level they are at now. Most artists that attempt biomech do a less than stellar job, however, there are many artists in the industry that I respect and look up to their biomechanical tattoo skills. There are several different styles of biomech, but when done correctly, they all have a few things in common.

For one, biomech tattoos fit and flow with the body. This is an important aspect of not only biomech, but all styles of tattooing. The best tattoos always fit and flow with the body part they are on. That’s why I always freehand draw all of my biomech tattoos directly on the skin. That way I can get them to fit each person’s body correctly, the way it should be.

Another common trait of the best biomechanical tattoos is that they have a lot of depth to them. Biomechanical tattoos are very 3D looking and should have many layers to them, creating a lot of depth. Biomech tattoos look good by themselves, or you can mix other images in with them. I’ve done some feminine biomech tattoos with flowers, to biomech skulls, biomech eyeballs and teeth, space and alien themed biomechanical.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to biomech. Biomechanical tattoos, in my opinion look great when done on a larger scale, such as half sleeves, full sleeves, or backpiece tattoos. Biomech tattoos are one of the best tattoo ideas for cover ups. The repetition and textures that biomech tattoos have works miracles to cover up your old, unwanted or just plain bad tattoos.

Whether you live in Las Vegas or are visiting Las Vegas, and have questions about getting a biomechanical tattoo by one of Las Vegas best biomech artists, you can contact me here. Thanks for reading, I hope to see you soon!